Burrundulla Mini Sustainable Energy Park is a proposed solar farm in the central west region of New South Wales. The project site is off the Castlereagh Highway in the neighbourhood of Burrundulla, approximately 6km to the southeast of Mudgee town centre, utilising approximately 30 hectares of relatively unproductive grazing land across two sites.

The Mini Sustainable Energy Park has been specifically designed to have minimised visual impact from the adjacent roads, neighbouring properties and dwellings. Pre-established trees of species local to the area will be planted to make the Mini Sustainable Energy Park practically imperceptible and unobservable from adjacent areas. The reduced scale of the project makes it a net benefit to the local community, with minimum disruption, while positively contributing to the local economy, with new jobs created and business opportunities for service providers from the area.

Once constructed, the Burrundulla Mini Sustainable Energy Park will utilise tracking, ground-mounted solar photo-voltaic (PV) array with a capacity of up to 10MW AC It will supply approximately 24 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity per year into Essential Energy’s 33 kV distribution network. The electricity generated will power approximately 4,300 homes and reduce greenhouse emissions from mains grid electricity by approximately 9,960 tonnes per year.

The array will consist of approximately 16,000 solar modules installed in 188 rows (each row being approximately 94 metres long and 2 metres wide) running north to south. Each row of solar PV modules will track the sun across the sky from east to west every day. At a maximum tilt of 60 degrees from the horizontal, the peak height of the modules will be 2.6 metres.

The development, construction and operation of the proposed solar farm will have an estimated capital investment value of up to A$15 million and create up to 100 jobs during the construction period and 2-3 permanent local jobs.